October 2021 Newsletter: Facilitating Community Projects

Update from the Executive Director No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it. H.E. Luccock One of the many benefits of being an independent community foundation is the agility and flexibility to react to community needs. One of the ways we do that is through facilitating and supporting community projects. Over the years, we … Read More

August Newsletter: Plan on a “Both/And” Gifts

Update from the Executive Director “Did you get your fish?” That is a often heard question this time of year. People who haven’t got their fish (or don’t have as much as they’d like) are making last minute plans before the season slips away. To be successful, you have to think about it in advance, plan time off and be … Read More

July 2021 Newsletter: 30 years of the Homer Foundation

Update from Executive Director Thank you to our donors who attended our picnic. At just the right moment the rain stopped and the festivities began. It was wonderful to see so many faces we’ve not seen for so long.  As was said at the picnic, the last fiscal year has been strange and wonderful at the same time. Here are … Read More

April 2021 Newsletter: New Growth

Update from Executive Director April! The month of flowers and new growth….or this year, more snow. April is also Homer City Grants season. The Foundation has administered the City of Homer Grants Program since 2000 as a free service to the community under guidelines developed by the city and the foundation. Since 2000 over $860,000 has been awarded to local … Read More

May 2021 Newsletter: Spring Scholarships

Update from Executive Director I postponed the newsletter a few days this month so I could include the names of all the amazing scholarship awardees this year. I sat in on all the selection meetings this year and heard how impressed the committees were with all the applicants. This year, with the help of donors, we were able to award … Read More

June 2021 Newsletter: A Life Becomes a Legacy

Update from Executive Director From Dictionary.com:  legacy [leg-uh-see] noun, plural leg·a·cies. 1. Law. a gift of property, especially personal property, as money, by will; a bequest. 2. anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor: the legacy of ancient Rome. The Foundation was recently blessed with a bequest gift. Out of respect for what we now … Read More

Pay it Forward: Lean In

This is our most recent article of the Pay It Forward column published monthly by the Homer News. Recently, health educators from the REC Room joined my remote 7th grade health class to teach sexual health and substance misuse prevention. Suddenly, I found myself on the other side of Zoom, no longer the teacher trying to perform miracles through the … Read More

Pay It Forward: Pandemic Thoughts

Last summer, while standing on the boardwalk on the Spit, an acquaintance walked by. Without a word, she handed me something flat and plastic. I stood for a minute watching her back as she continued on her way. I held the small object in my hand and read, “Hug Raincheck, (good for as many you need. No expiration date).” Emotions … Read More

November 2020 Newsletter

Update from the Executive Director Being thankful. November is the month we often talk about being thankful. Who am I to break with tradition? I’m thankful for our donors and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you. I’ve asked a number of you” Why did you get involved with a community foundation?”  I can say that there are as many … Read More

October 2020 Newsletter

Update from the Executive Director What is your dream? I was making a video to send my oldest granddaughter explaining what her grandfather does all day (yes, I'm the grandfather of 7 wonderful little people). I could have explained that we help people give in a long term way, or that we invest donations wisely to ensure that important causes ... Read More