Grant and Scholarship Programs

Homer Foundation Quick Response Grants Program

Grant requests up to $2,500 are accepted year-round with a thirty day response time.

Homer Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund Grants Program

Grant requests up to $2,500 are accepted at this time. For more information on this program, please go here. 

Grant Requests over $2,500

These types of requests are reviewed by the entire Board of Trustees and begin with a letter of inquiry. Please contact the staff for more information for these types of projects.

Emergency Loans

The Homer Foundation has the ability to provide short-term, no-interest loans to nonprofits experiencing closure due to natural disaster or unforeseen events. Contact the Homer Foundation for more information.

Previous Grant Recipients
Popeye Wrestling Club's Wrestle Like A Girl Empowerment Program, summer 2019
Homer OPUS Youth String Programs, spring 2020
Homer OPUS Youth String Programs, spring 2020
Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies Onboard Explorations program with Project GRAD, summer 2019
Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies Onboard Explorations program with Project GRAD, summer 2019

Other Grant Programs


The Homer Foundation administers several scholarships for students in the greater Homer area. For more information about these individual scholarships, visit our page here. 

The scholarship process begins with the application posted by January 1st each year and is generally due in early April.

  • Alan and Daniel Rieser Scholarship
  • Alice Witte Memorial Volleyball Scholarship
  • Bill and Liz Johnson Teacher Education Scholarship
  • Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship
  • Fish and Wildlife Scholarship
  • Health Care Providers Scholarship
  • Heather Pancratz Memorial Scholarship
  • Homer Community Science Scholarship
  • Nikki Geragotelis (Fry) Memorial Scholarship
  • Nursing Studies Scholarship
  • Kachemak Medical Group Scholarship
  • The Beluga Tail/Tale Writing Scholarship
  • Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship
  • Sutton James Miller Memorial Scholarship


YAC (HF Youth Advisory Committee) Grants Program

The Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee administers its own grants program for youth-related issues. This program is generally run in the spring, with the call for applications in mid-February. Contact the Homer Foundation staff for more information.

Educators Professional Development Scholarship

The Educators Professional Development Fund was established by local area educators and community members.  The purpose of the fund is to provide support to public school educators seeking to expand their knowledge/teaching ability/obtain continuing education credits.  Funds may be used for, but not limited to:

  • class tuition/workshops/conferences
  • books, equipment and/or supplies for professional development purposes
  • transportation and/or accommodations for professional development
  • bringing in guest speakers/presenters for educators

Educators Professional Development Grant Program will open again in Spring 2021.

City of Homer Grants Program

The City of Homer grants program provides funding to many Homer nonprofits who provide essential and enriching programs to the community. The Homer Foundation administers the program as well as manages an endowment fund for the city.

2021 Grant Application will be published by January 1st, 2021

For your reference:

2020 City of Homer Grant program guidelines

2020 City of Homer Grant application

2020 City of Homer Grant Evaluation Form