Heather Pancratz Memorial Scholarship changes the purpose: now supporting Faith Christian Preschool

The communities of the Southern Kenai Peninsula lost a valuable educator in 2017, Heather Pancratz. To keep alive her commitment to youth and community, family and friends have created the Heather Pancratz Memorial Fund, formerly to support students attending secondary education from the community in which she taught, Nikolaevsk. Heather is remembered for her belief in a loving God which flowed compassion, love, and faithful devotion to family, friends, students, and community. She was a remarkable educator with 17 years of experience in the Kenai Peninsula Borough School District. The Fund will continue her legacy by providing financial assistance to in-need families of early education attendees of Faith Christian Preschool.

More about Faith Christian Preschool:

We at Faith Lutheran Preschool are vessels used by God to share the Good News of Jesus Christ, namely His love, forgiveness, and salvation. Our congregation and church body emphasize education as a prime ingredient in our mission.

Faith Christian Preschool assists in providing a safe HAVEN for children and their families.

Humor and Hope- With play and laughter we build a foundation in Christ for the future.

Affection and Appreciation- Recognizing God’s love for us; we show that love to others appreciating each person’s unique God-given abilities.

Values- We strive to teach values based on God’s Biblical truth.

Exploration and Education- Together we explore the world that God created

Nuture in His Name- Feeding the mind, we seek to feed the spirit as well. In all things we gain strength and purpose from Him, for which we praise His Name.


1. Applicant must be a family residing in the Homer Foundation service area.
2. Applicants will apply through a competitive application process with the current year’s application.
3. Financial need will be a significant determinant in selecting a recommended awardee.
4. No one related to the donor, committee members, school employees, school volunteers, or the Foundation board shall be eligible for this scholarship.

The age range is established annually.

For 2023, the student needs to be in the “littles” class with the student in the 3-4 age range.