Fund TypeFees
Endowed FundsNonprofit AgencyNone
Field of InterestNone
Donor AdvisedNone
Field of Interest ScholarshipNone

Non-Endowed FundsNonprofit Agency1% but not less than $100
Field of Interest 1% but not less than $100
Donor Advised 1.5% but not less than $150
Scholarship 1.5% but not less than $150

Other Non-Endowed FundsDesignatedBoard of Trustees sets on case by case basis
Project Pass-ThroughFor projects of $25,000 or less – one time $250 plus 1% of all funds disbursed
For projects over $25,000 – to be determined on a case by case basis

Note 1: When a fund subject to fees reaches $1,000,000, fees are reduced 0.25%

Note 2: Currently no fees are assessed on endowed funds.

Note 3: Fees are assess at time of donation or the start of the Foundation fiscal year. Fees on donations made throughout the year are pro-rated.