Take some time and find the sights of Homer. We have curated a list of places for you to explore. These places are partners with the Homer Foundation in addition to being unique places to visit.

Once at each location, take a selfie and tag #selfietourofhomer. Post these photos of Instagram.

*These are required locations in order to be eligible for People’s Choice Award nomination.

When posting, it would be helpful to submit all of your photos in one post. Be sure to include #selfietourofhomer, so that your submission can be easily found! Feel free to also tag #homeralaska and #homerfoundation.

Annually on November 1st, the Homer Foundation will review the photos and choose a winner. Winners will be chosen based off photo quality and originality, have fun with it!

The winning photographer will get a chance to nominate your favorite area non-profit, from a list provided, for our People’s Choice Award! This is an unrestricted grant given to only 3 organizations each year and is a great way to support local non-profits.