All of our community’s needs are met with cooperation, collaboration, and generosity.

Our Mission

The Homer Foundation’s mission is to enhance the quality of life for the citizens of the greater Homer area by promoting philanthropic and charitable activities.

Our Shared Values

The Homer Foundation holds the following as core organizational values:


  • We are committed to building a strong community.
  • We recognize the importance of equity, inclusivity and diversity.
  • We value engagement with all members of our service area.


  • We prudently manage donated funds.
  • We responsibly and efficiently disperse funds to strengthen our community.


  • We maintain the trust of donors and community through forthright communication and timely action.
  • Honesty and accountability will be synonymous with the Homer Foundation.


  • We are responsive, innovative and adaptive in finding ways to strengthen our community.
  • We strive to endure for generations to come within a vibrant community.


  • Develop a permanent endowment for the community.
  •  Meet prudent standards in the stewardship of philanthropic assets.
  •  Promote effective and responsible grant making designed to serve current and future community needs.
  •  Demonstrate community leadership in identifying problems and designing philanthropic solutions.
  •  Assist donors in fulfilling their philanthropic goals by providing a variety of philanthropic mechanisms