Why the Homer Foundation?

Giving back to the community is at the heart of the Homer Foundation. The Foundation offers donors the opportunity to make a gift during their lifetime and/or through a bequest or planned gift. By establishing a charitable endowment fund, their gift will continue to support the community into the future. We invite you to join our community of donors at the Homer Foundation.

  • We offer the greatest flexibility in meeting all of your philanthropic goals.
  • We are locally governed.
  • We are in touch with the community’s needs.
  • We provide prudent management of the fund.
  • We are publicly accountable which assures continued use of the funds in the public interest.
  • As a public charity, we provide the maximum tax deductions for income, gift and estate tax purposes (50% for cash gifts and 30% for appreciated property).
  • We can work with your professional legal and financial advisors to meet your charitable and tax planning goals.
  • Your gift will continue to benefit the community forever.
  • You may name your fund and advise on how the dollars are distributed.

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Founding Donors

“The foundation supports the local nonprofit organizations that contribute so much to the quality of life in Homer. The grants from the Foundation’s Unrestricted Fund go to educate our children, beautify our nature, support the arts, and preserve our marvelous lifestyle. That’s why I work for and contribute to the Homer Foundation.”
– Steve and Noko Yoshida

“I am very proud to be associated, if only in a small way, with an organization that does such an excellent job in helping our community. The board and staff of the Homer Foundation are doing an excellent job.” 
– Julia “Judy” Park Howard Strydom   (
October 27, 1920 to May 1, 2011)

“I am happy that I got involved with the Homer Foundation from the beginning. It has been exciting and gratifying to watch it grow and become such an integral part of the Homer landscape. I’ve always believed that communities can look after themselves best and foundations like this one do that.”
– Tom Bodett