September 2024 Newsletter

How your giving has helped make a difference in your community.

Recent Grants


Kachemak Bay Lions Club provides Thanksgiving food baskets to families in need each year, and have been doing for over 30 years. Last year, they were able to provide baskets to 193 families, serving 670 people, and they anticipate providing approximately 200 families this year. Due to the COVID pandemic, their traditional fundraising model is no longer successful and they have requested this grant during their transition to a new fundraising model. They have received $5,000 from the Homer Foundation. 


Razdlona School is planning on building a shed and selling it as a practical application of math skills for their students. They are receiving a $4,272 grant from two donor advised funds of the Homer Foundation. The grant is split between the Dave and Beth Schroer Fund and KLEPS Fund. After the kids have finished the lesson, the project shed will be sold and the proceeds used as seed money for future programs going forward. 

Update from the Executive Director
And just like that….. it’s fall. 

Why a “community foundation?”

Some of you may be considering starting a personal or family charitable fund. Lots of investment companies can do that for you. As a matter of fact, they will ask you to keep your funds with them.  So why consider using a community foundation? Are there any benefits? Yes, and very important benefits if you have general or specific goals for your giving. 

Here are eight reasons…..

1. Personal local service. You don’t have to call a 1-800 number routed to Denver or New York to get in contact with us. We offer our donors a personalized level of service tailored to their needs. At the Homer Foundation, you can call directly to Lauren or I who can work with you, your family and your professional advisor to provide a customized giving plan. We can meet over coffee, at your kitchen table or in the office, wherever you’re comfortable.

For example, when one recent donor wanted to create two special funds with her estate, we sat down in our office mapping out her wishes, and created a unique giving plan for her estate. “I just feel like you guys understood what I wanted to do,” said the donor. 

2. Local Commitment.  We’ve been here for 33 years and given out over $5,000,000 right here in our communities. Our local Board of Trustees is made up of knowledgeable community leaders and volunteers like you, who serve as the policy makers and ambassadors for the Homer Foundation.

3. Local Area Expertise We provide donors with localized community expertise. Not sure where the community needs are? Ask us. We make grants to many of the same nonprofits our donors support. We work closely with non profits across our area and understand their needs. This deep understanding allows us to help you align and make the most impact with your charitable dollars. 

4. We can help donors manage their long-term legacy.  With the Homer Foundation, donors have many options for building a lasting legacy. Whether you want to support a single agency or an entire field like “social services” or “the environment” we can help you reach that goal. 

5. Effective giving solutions. Our agility to create custom giving plans helps you maximize the tax advantages of giving, creating a donor-advised fund, or using beneficiary designations. We help donors to identify the best way to carry out their philanthropic goals. We are the perfect partner to help manage a meaningful and lasting charitable legacy.

6. We accept a wide range of assets. In addition to accepting gifts of cash or stock, we also accept a range of non-cash assets such as real estate, annuities, life insurance, metals, vehicles, other valuable personal property and more. We can help donors and their professional advisors identify which assets would be best to give.

7. Immediate and Long-Term Impact. The Homer Foundation is committed to the stewardship of assets to ensure that the charitable goals of donors are met now and for generations to come. We also have shorter term giving options to see a more immediate impact of giving.

8. Privacy. You decide when or whether you want to be recognized for your gift or remain anonymous. You can feel secure in knowing that your personal information will never be disclosed.

By giving through a community foundation, you are supporting local philanthropy and the causes you care about in a long-term manner. 

Apologies on the tardiness of this email, we have been busy!

Philanthropy Fact of the Month

In 2022, the largest source of charitable giving came from individuals, representing 64% of total giving.