March Newsletter: Spring into Community Cares Funds

Keep It Cool! Homer Hockey Association (HHA) has been awarded a $25,000 Community Impact grant from the Homer Foundation. With a service area from Ninilchik south, HHA programming serves 15,000 area residents with a full slate of non-weather-dependent recreational opportunities at the Kevin Bell Arena from October thru April. Last summer, regular maintenance at the arena revealed that the current … Read More

September 2024 Newsletter

How your giving has helped make a difference in your community. Recent Grants KACHEMAK BAY LIONS CLUB Kachemak Bay Lions Club provides Thanksgiving food baskets to families in need each year, and have been doing for over 30 years. Last year, they were able to provide baskets to 193 families, serving 670 people, and they anticipate providing approximately 200 families … Read More

August 2023 Newsletter: Summer… finally

How your giving has helped make a difference in your community Recent Grants Burning Basket: $1,200 from Bryce Golden Memorial and Opportunity Funds Burning Basket is celebrating 20 years and has received a $1,200 grant from the Homer Foundation to support project expenses. This is a grassroots community interactive, impermanent art experience that builds community and empowers individuals through creativity … Read More

May Newsletter: New Eggs Benefit Fundraiser and Friendraiser Breakfast

Your giving has helped make a difference in your community! 2023 “Eggs Benefit” Fundraiser + Friendraiser Breakfast New breakfast event off with a bang! Many thanks to the attendees and especially the table captains who made this event a success. With your help we raised nearly $50,000 for the foundation’s work. Whether you came and donated or just learned more … Read More

April 2023 Newsletter: End of Life Giving Part III

Recent Grants Your giving has helped make a difference in your community! Hospice of Homer Hospice received a $5,000 Quick Response Grant to help with the production of educational videos that will help tell the story of Hospice to our local community for the purpose of increasing awareness and engagement. Hospice has partnered with Affinity Films, a professional non-profit media … Read More

March 2023 Newsletter, End of Life Giving Part II

Recent Grants You helped make a difference in your community! See how your support has impacted the world around you: Civil Air Patrol Program- Homer CAP was awarded a $1,577 Quick Response Grant supporting the program’s aviation/aerospace education objective involving multi-month builds of remote-controlled planes. The activities teach many engineering and technology principles, reinforce teamwork, and encourage the reaching of … Read More

November Newsletter: Many days to remember

Update from the Executive Director Happy November! We have much to celebrate and be thankful for. I could talk about being thankful for family and friends. Good health. For living in such an amazing place and for having a job that helps so many. All true and good reasons be be grateful, but right now, I’m thinking about you. You, … Read More

October 2022 Newsletter: Visiting Seldovia

Update from the Executive Director I was privileged to be able to visit the Seldovia community this month. I met with city administration leaders and Seldovia Village Tribe leadership, and we discussed community needs and local plans and efforts to improve the lives of their neighbors.  Thank you all for making me feel welcome! Seldovia faces issues similar to each … Read More

February Newsletter: A unique Valentine’s gift idea

Update from the Executive Director February newsletter? Already? What happened to January? I guess I’ll have to talk about red roses and chocolate hearts. Or not. Of all the ways to honor your love for someone, a gift in honor of that relationship is a unique way to say, “I love you” and says you know and understand the things … Read More

November 2021 Newsletter: Thoughts on Gratitude

Update from Executive Director gratitude grăt′ĭ-too͞d″, -tyoo͞d″ noun The state of being grateful; thankfulness. The state or quality of being grateful or thankful; a warm and friendly feeling in response to a favor or favors received; thankfulness. Synonyms See grateful. I’ll be the first to admit that in our world today it is sometimes easier to see those things we … Read More