YAC Mission:

To promote philanthropy and improve the quality of life for the youth of Homer

This model for youth engagement in philanthropy is extremely hands-on and involves the students in all aspects of grantmaking and fund development. The YAC members follow a detailed agenda and although there is an adult advisor and support provided by HF staff, the monthly YAC meetings are student-led.

During the 2013-14 school year, YAC formed a partnership with Homer Middle School. Students were invited to attend lunch time meetings with the YAC advisor and learn about philanthropy, volunteerism, and leadership.

Since inception in 2004, YAC provides grant support to organizations that serve youth in healthy, affordable and easily accessible activities in the Homer community.

Values Statement

The Homer Foundation recognizes the need for young people to learn about philanthropy and how it relates to building a better community. As the leaders of tomorrow, youth need to develop attitudes, values and skills that will enable them to effectively contribute to the betterment of the community.

YAC Grants Program

The Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee administers its own grants program for youth-related issues. Contact the Homer Foundation for current guidelines and focus area.

Bonnie Jason

Youth Advisory Committee Advisor

Bonnie serves as advisor to the Foundation’s Youth Advisory Committee guiding participants as they learn about the culture of philanthropy through hands-on experiences.