2020 Scholarship Updates

Notice: Due to the extenuating circumstance affecting all KPBSD students, the Homer Foundation has made a few changes to this years scholarship application. We have first extended the deadline by 5 days to accommodate the transition many students have had to make away from the school buildings. All scholarships are now due:

Monday April 13th, 2020 by 4 pm

Secondly, we are welcoming all electronic submissions. Please email all submissions to assistant@homerfoundation.org. Also, feel free to contact Lauren Seaton at this email address with any questions.

For your letters of recommendations, they may be sent directly via email to Lauren Seaton at assistant@homerfoundation.org by the adult writing the recommendation. Please give the adults the directions to include the student name applying and which scholarships the student is applying for in the subject line, (i.e. Letter of Rec for Joe Mariner for the Nursing Studies Scholarship). 

We have also created a new Google Form to use if needed as an alternative to the fillable pdf for your Cover Letter. Note, that you will still need to submit one complete cover letter, either through the google form or the pdf for each scholarship you are applying. You can find that cover letter google form here: https://forms.gle/6jgmTiPyGgSyc6Fa8

We have also created an alternative estimated needs assessment: https://forms.gle/HZBuq44ppr8E4pQX9

Your personal statements and resumes will need to be attachments in an email to Lauren Seaton at assistant@homerfoundation.org. Be sure to note that it is still recommended for you to write a separate personal statement for each scholarship for which you are applying.

Your counselors still have access to your transcripts so be in contact with them to have those available before the deadline as well.

Applications can still be found here: https://www.homerfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/02/Homer-Foundation-2020-Scholarship-Application-final-v.12.31.19.pdf

We know this can be a very stressful time adjusting to differences in life but we want to provide some stability for the future going forward. Please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.