New Fund to Support Local Educators

The Homer Foundation would like to thank all the dedicated educators who have participated to date in our exploratory process to create a new endowment to support, celebrate and educate public school teachers on the lower Kenai Peninsula.
After holding several meetings to germinate the idea, there is now a steering committee and one third of the $10,000.00 goal has been raised. Most recently we held a luncheon at the home of Flo Larson with the intention of involving retired teachers in the process going forward. Enthusiasm is growing, ideas are forming and the process is moving ahead.
There are continued opportunities to become involved and make this dream happen. There will be a meeting in late July and we are looking for educators, past and present, who would like to serve on the fundraising committee, the policy committee, and participate in the grant review process. We welcome any level of participation and encourage you to join this dynamic group and/or contribute monetarily to the creation of this fund. Contact Joy Steward at the Homer Foundation.