Scholarship Funds

Application Receipt Deadlines for these scholarships are  mid-April. See current year applications for exact deadlines.

  • Alan and Daniel Rieser Scholarship
    For students with an aptitude for foreign language/culture, may be used for tuition or travel. Funded by the Tin Roof Fund.
  • Beluga Tail/Tale Writing Scholarship
    Nonfiction and creative writing scholarships funded by the Tin Roof Fund.
  • Bill and Liz Johnson Teacher Education Scholarship
    Supports high school graduates going into teaching.
  • Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship 
    Supports students of fishing families or training / post-secondary education for Homer area graduates going into maritime related fields.
  • Diane Wambach – “Shoot for the Stars” Scholarship 
    Supports training or post-secondary education for high school graduates, (or equivalent) who have the desire to “shoot for the stars.”
  • Fish and Wildlife Scholarship
    Supports post-secondary education in the fish and wildlife biology or management fields.
  • Health Care Providers Scholarship
    Supports post-secondary education in the health care fields.
  • Heather Pancratz Memorial Scholarship
    Supports post-secondary education to students from Nikolaevsk village.
  • Homer Community Science Scholarship
    Supports Homer High School graduating seniors continuing their education in the life sciences.
  • Kachemak Medical Group Scholarship
    Supports academic excellence and strong work ethic.
  • Nikki Geragotelis (Fry) Memorial Scholarship
    For students who have participated in high school sports and demonstrated sportsmanship qualities.
  • Nursing Studies Scholarship
    For Homer High School graduates who are pursing a career in nursing with the RN certification. 
  • Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship
    A visual art scholarship available to Homer area students in grades 9 through 12. Artists associated with the Ptarmigan Arts Gallery will provide review of applications that can cover college tuition, workshops, art supplies, etc.
  • Sutton James Miller Memorial Scholarship
    Supports post-secondary education or vocational training who show ambition for their future.
  • Thor’s Scholarship – not available at this time

These scholarships have their own application deadlines:

  • Alice Witte Memorial Scholarship
    Sends a Homer High School girl’s volleyball player to camp based on recommendations of coaching staff.
  • Educators Professional Development Grant
    Supports professional development for educators in our service area.