Scholarship Funds

Application Receipt Deadlines for these scholarships are mid-March. See current year applications for exact deadlines.

  • Alan and Daniel Rieser Scholarship
    For students with an aptitude for foreign language/culture, may be used for tuition or travel. Funded by the Tin Roof Fund.
  • Beluga Tail/Tale Writing Scholarship
    Nonfiction and creative writing scholarships funded by the Tin Roof Fund.
  • Bill and Liz Johnson Teacher Education Scholarship
    Supports high school graduates going into teaching.
  • Drew Scalzi Memorial Maritime Scholarship 
    Supports students of fishing families or training / post-secondary education for Homer area graduates going into maritime related fields.
  • Diane Wambach – “Shoot for the Stars” Scholarship 
    Supports training or post-secondary education for high school graduates, (or equivalent) who have the desire to “shoot for the stars.”
  • Fish and Wildlife Scholarship
    Supports post-secondary education in the fish and wildlife biology or management fields.
  • Health Care Providers Scholarship
    Supports post-secondary education in the health care fields.
  • Heather Pancratz Memorial Scholarship
    Supports attendance at Faith Christian Preschool. 
  • Homer Community Science Scholarship
    Supports Homer High School graduating seniors continuing their education in the life sciences.
  • Kachemak Medical Group Scholarship
    Supports academic excellence and strong work ethic.
  • Marilyn Wythe Believe in Yourself Scholarship
    A needs-based scholarship for students of the greater Homer area
  • (Mary) Joyce Robinette Memorial Scholarship
    A needs-based scholarship for students pursing a degree in the science field.
  • Nikki Geragotelis (Fry) Memorial Scholarship
    For students who have participated in high school sports and demonstrated sportsmanship qualities.
  • Nursing Studies Scholarship
    For students who are pursuing a career in nursing with the RN certification. 
  • Ptarmigan Arts Visual Arts Scholarship
    A visual art scholarship available to Homer area students up to age 21. Artists associated with the Ptarmigan Arts Gallery will provide review of applications that can cover college tuition, workshops, art supplies, etc.
  • Sutton James Miller Memorial Scholarship
    Supports post-secondary education or vocational training who show ambition for their future.
  • Thor’s Scholarship – not available at this time

These scholarships have their own application deadlines:

  • Alice Witte Memorial Scholarship
    Sends a Homer High School girl’s volleyball player to camp based on recommendations of coaching staff.
  • Educators Professional Development Grant
    Supports professional development for educators in our service area.