Thanks to our 2017 Pick.Click.Give. Donors



Thank you to our 2017 Pick.Click.Give. donors! It is wonderful to have your support–together we can make a difference in our community:

Mary Bell

Julie Derry

Ginny Espenshade

Larsen, Lisa and Larson Fellows

Dorothy and Bill Fry

Christie Gates

Katie Gavenus

Steve Glasman and Claudia Haines

Betty Jo Goddard

Michael Gracz

Maynard Gross

Helen and Rich Gustafson

Taneeka Hansen

Morgan Harness

Kathy Hill

Michael Hiller

Bonnie Jason

Thomas Kizzia

William LaRue and Bonnie Powell

Janie Leask

Victoria Lord

Jillian Lush

Susan Mauger

Diane McBride

Lee and Sandy McDaniel

Jennifer Medley

Jane Miles and Lolita Brache

Jackie Norvell

Jeanne Parker

Eric Pederson

Daniel Perry

Sue Post

Stuart Schmutzler and Joy Steward

Emily Schneider

Clayton Smith

Katherine Smith

Michelle Smith

Heidi Stage

Aunnie Steward

Erik and Lacey Velsko

Ruth Woodring

Pick.Click.Give Donors are a part of an effort to help build a culture of philanthropy in Alaska. Please consider supporting the causes you care most about when you file for your PFD by selecting the Pick.Click.Give. charitable check off option. We encourage you to Pick.Click and Give Local, and hope you will include the Homer Foundation when you do!