October 2020 Newsletter

Update from the Executive Director

What is your dream?

I was making a video to send my oldest granddaughter explaining what her grandfather does all day (yes, I’m the grandfather of 7 wonderful little people). I could have explained that we help people give in a long term way, or that we invest donations wisely to ensure that important causes and needs are met forever. Those things are true, but a little less understandable to a ten year old than I was hoping for. Here what I said instead: “In a small way, we make people’s dreams come true.”

It may sound somewhat simplistic, but it is true. For example:

  • For students who dream of going to college, we help make that dream come true with scholarships
  • Community non profits have a dream of feeding the hungry, providing health services, protecting the environment, promoting the arts (or one of the many other missions) we fund those activities, and
  • Donors have a dream of giving back to the community in a more meaningful way, or establishing a forever memorial in honor of a lost loved one. We  work with those donors to start a  fund that provides a lasting gift .

There are of course a lot of complex parts to making those dreams come true, but when we see that donor who now knows what they love will be supported forever, or that student head off to the next phase of their life, it’s all worth it. 

Yeah, grandpa has a good job. Let’s dream together.



Our leader in community legacy
Joyce Robinette

We are sad to learn about the loss of an amazing woman. Joyce Robinette has passed at age 85. She moved to Alaska in 1994 after teaching ‘outside’ and then taught in both Cordova and Adak. After retiring, she spent many hours volunteering with Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies.

When Joyce sat down to her estate planning, she knew she wanted to leave a lasting impact on our community. We are honored she chose the Homer Foundation as the recipient of her bequest. Although the details are still being finalized, we know her gift to the Foundation included her home and are the beneficiary to her tax-sheltered annuity. This brings light onto one of the greatest benefits of a community foundation, our ability to administer complex gifts. Her desire was for the donation to be split between the Homer Foundation as well as our Center for Alaskan Coastal Studies Agency Designated Endowment Fund. 

If you are inspired by Joyce’s story and would like to know more about what we can do for you with planned gifts, visit our webpage here, or contact Mike at 235-0551 or mikemiller@homerfoundation.org.

We will miss you Joyce, but always be inspired by your spirit.

Match Campaign

We were gifted $25,000 for a matching gift to fund operations. With this amazing gift the donors challenged us to raise a matching $25,000 from the community because the donor cares about the mission of the Homer Foundation and wants to ensure we are here long into the future. Through this campaign, the impact of every donations for operations is doubled up to $25,000. 

Please consider helping us reach our goal through a donation today. You can make that donation here:

You may also donate by: 

  • Mail- PO Box 2600, Homer, AK 99603
  • Contact the staff at info@homerfoundation.org or 907-235-0541
  • Fill out our pledge form here to commit to pay at a later time.

We want to thank you very much for your support!

Annual Meeting

We have set the date of our annual meeting!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

6:00 pm

This will be a virtual meeting on the Zoom platform. Come to our annual meeting where review our investment portfolio, hear grant reports, donor and grantee highlights, and a chance to nominate your favorite nonprofit for one of three $500 People’s Choice Awards! More details will come in a future email. 

Recent COVID-19 Response Grants
Homer High School: Intensive Needs Program

The COVID-19 pandemic hit the Intensive Needs students especially hard; with the use of cloth face coverings and social distancing, these students lost almost all of their social interactions and daily living skills in the community, not to mention most of the students have medically compromised health. This program asked for humanity shields of their staff and students. These shields will allow the students to see facial expressions as well as the staff to clearly communicate. 

Anchor Point Food Pantry

Their weekly clientele has more than tripled since the Covid-19 began. They are going through massive amounts of food for  dinners and to provide some of the staples. Presently, they have about 300 households on our list, and over 100 other households that receive delivery services. They feel that if there is a need — they must fill it, if it is possible. The Anchor Point Food Pantry will buy food and supplies for making dinners; and supply each household with a small bag (appropriate for its size) of food items to assist them through the week. 

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